Stochastic Mission Utility Analysis

26 September 2017

SciEng Research’s Holistic Methodology for Stochastic Mission Utility Analysis accepted for publication in the International Journal of System of Systems Engineering. The journal article marks SciEng Research’s first publication and disseminates its development of mission utility analysis methods via modeling and simulation. Visit the website to see the launching of the publications page once the journal article becomes available online.

Abstract: Preliminary analysis and design of a mission has profound effects on its lifecycle; yet, mission engineering is a discipline without unanimous definition and implementation. Current mission design philosophies are inadequate due to disaggregated design methods, incomplete mission phasespaces, exclusion of constitutive relations, curtailed tradespace exploration and unsubstantiated concept solutions. Presented is a new methodology for simultaneously developing, exploring and assessing statistically validated concepts of prospective missions. Stochastic modelling and simulation, providing multivariate mission utility analysis with concurrently integrated tradespace exploration, risk assessment and holistic design facilitates the methodology.

Keywords: mission engineering; mission utility analysis; stochastic design; system-of-systems engineering; mission simulation; mission modelling; mission architecture; analysis of alternatives; AoA; concept development and experimentation; CD&E.

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