NAC Technology, Innovation & Engineering Meeting

07 December 2018

SciEng Research joins the meeting of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Advisory Council (NAC) Technology, Innovation & Engineering (TI&E) committee. The meeting was held on 07 December 2018 in Washington, DC at NASA Headquarters. The meeting also overlapped with the NAC Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) committee meeting.

The NAC TI&E committee meeting provided update/discussion of the Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), cryogenic fluid management,  in-situ resource utilization planning, ultra-strong composites, Office of the Chief Technologist, and HEO tech development efforts. Concurrently, the HEO committee meeting addressed HEO Mission Directorate (HEOMD) news, updates regarding the International Space Station (ISS), commercial crew, human spaceflight exploration systems, and Gateway information.

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