Humans 2 Mars Summit 2018

11 May 2018

In accordance with its current research and development of human spaceflight mission concepts, SciEng Research supports the Humans 2 Mars (H2M) Summit 2018, held at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, May 8th – 10th. “The H2M is a comprehensive Mars exploration conference that addresses the major technical, scientific, and policy challenges of getting humans to Mars, as well as how such missions can have positive impacts on STEM education, American competitiveness and other important collateral issues. This conference is one of the most authoritative and diverse Mars exploration events, with the involvement of the leading technical and policy experts from NASA, industry, the science community, and academia. H2M provides an unparalleled platform to industry, government, and the scientific, entertainment, and academic communities, to present developing hardware and other innovations, to collaborate and to foster partnerships, to affect space policy, and to encourage students to pursue STEAM careers.”

Explore Mars Inc.

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